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Work-life balance increases earnings


In the aftermath of the recession it is becoming clear that the issue of work-life balance has taken quite a beating. As companies have shed employees, the people remaining have been forced to pick up the slack as the economy now is recuperating.

Work-life balance first surfaced as a concept in the 1960s when U.S. companies realized the potential of having more women enter the work force. To accomodate that, they needed to allow for greater flexibility and support for women juggling both work and child-rearing.

Nowadays, the concept of work-life balance has been extended to everyone, and for good reason. Companies who are successful in the promotion of work-life balance do much better in talent attraction, have lower health care costs, and more productive employees.

In a recent study by the consultancy Morgan Redwood in the UK, they concluded that companies promoting a good work-life balance actually earn 20% more per employee and year.

Does your organization have a structured approach for promoting and supporting work-life balance? Honestly?

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