Hur kan vi hjälpa till?

Thoughts for 2010


One of the main attractions in Sweden next year will be the election. The political positioning has of course already started.

I find it rather interesting how worried the politicians are, including Prime Minister Reinfeldt, about the fact that too few people are working in Sweden these days. From a macro economic perspective, it of course leads to disaster: who will pay for the social services that our ageing population has grown accustomed to?

From a company perspective, the question becomes just as acute. How can I attract and retain talented employees if the competition for them increases even more? What choices do I have if there simply aren’t enough talents around to be hired? What strategies do I have for finding new pools of talents, such as workers from abroad?
My belief is that the business climate greatly improves next year. And that Strategic Talent Management therefore becomes one of the top three most prioritized areas in businesses world-wide.

Regardless of what happens in the Swedish election.

Warm wishes for a prosperous New Year!

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