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The importance of your Talent Strategy


We at StardustConsulting are convinced that one of the corner stones of successful Talent Management is a sound Talent Strategy, directly linked to the overall Business Strategy.

Honestly, in many large companies the Talent Strategy shows a lot of room for improvement. Sometimes, it is due to the fact that the overall Business Strategy is hazy, sometimes HR find it challenging to break down the Business Strategy. Regardless, it is likely to limit the effects of Talent Management activities since they become ad-hoc and piecemeal.

We are not alone in believing in the importance of Talent Strategies of course. In a recent article by Egon Zehnder, they share their perspective that this is even more important in turbulent times. Read the article here.

And if you would like some easy pointers on how to develop your own Talent Strategy, read an insightful piece by Matthew J Paese here.

Are you satisfied with your Talent Strategy?

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