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The case for Talent Management and Sustainability


Sustainability is definitely a topic that is hitting the HR-directors’ desks hard these days.

In Sweden, corporate sustainability has quite rapidly progressed from ”oh, let’s give some money to charity to show everybody what a nice company we are” to ”sustainability is really a competitive advantage for us, how can we make it permeate everything we do.”

In terms of Talent Management, the issue is unavoidable. How sustainable you are as a company affects both employer branding and talent retention. Especially so in the younger generation, which of course is the primary turf for the war for talent.

As an example: Coca Cola is actively addressing the employee engagement in their organization. In their world, they consider ‘leadership’ to be the prime driver of employee engagement. ‘Sustainability’ is second.

Have you checked how important sustainability is to your employer brand and employee engagement recently? And what are you planning to do about it?

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