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Talent Management New York Style


I just returned from a week of very interesting dialogues in the US. I had the opportunity to meet with HR representatives for large American corporates, and was again impressed by how far ahead they are in terms of Talent Management.

A few insights that I would like to share:

  • HR is now perceived as critical for organizational success. Not only is HR invited to the table, they are also allowed to be provocative and are involved early in initiatives
  • US companies are spending a lot on Leadership Development again. They realize they need another type of leadership than the one that brought them a recession
  • Talent Management strategy is key. I.e. how do you develop a strategy for Talent Management that supports the overall strategy, and acts as an enabler of the company vision

As one person put it: ”Most areas within HR are well thought through and structured. But the one hot area right now is Talent Management: that will be the real organizational differentiator as we are leaving the recession behind us”.

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