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Talent management increases earnings


In a recent report from Hackett group, they disclose some rather interesting findings.

They tracked 60 companies over a three-year period, and found that those companies that embraced a systematic view of  talent management execution enjoyed 18 percent higher earnings compared to an average Global 1000 company.
Other benefits included:

  • Greater Return On Assets
  • Greater Return on Equity
  • Better at sustaining a strong corporate culture
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Higher retention of employees, top talent in particular

The HR Advisory Practice leader at Hackett, Stephen Joyce, concludes: ”It’s easy to find companies that feature talent management in their strategic plans and reports to shareholders. But truly, most do little more than pay it lip service. They stick to the basics because they don’t truly understand the impact of improving their talent management capabilities”.

Hear hear. You can find the report here!

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