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I have finally done it


I have done it. I have done what I have dreamed about for so many years. I have left my permanent, secure employment with an impressive title and generous salary.

I have started my own business and have become an entrepreneur and management consultant in a field that I feel very passionate about: Talent Management.
At StardustConsulting we have a modern approach to Talent Management. For us, Talent Management is not about focusing on the 10 % top performers. For us Talent Management has a much wider definition. It is about how companies in a structured way attract, retain and develop the right employees, in order to implement their specific business plans.
Sounds simple in theory but is difficult in practice. It requires a structured approach and a holistic view where both business and HR experience is needed.
My colleagues’ experiences from Management Consulting, McKinsey among others, coupled with my more than twenty years in sales, marketing and strategic HR seem to be the perfect match. We have fun, complement each other and the customers perceive us as really credible. We know what we are talking about. And our passion shows.
Typical projects for us are development of Talent strategies, refining Performance Management systems, Leadership improvements or Employer Branding strategies. We are off to a flying start, the interest and the need is huge out there. Now we need to keep up the pace, make a lot of sales calls and have fun. The last is important in order to cope with the large amount of work we foresee. Having fun is one of our internal values in StardustConsulting. We are having a lot of fun together and we have decided only to work with clients we really like and who like us back.

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Stardust Consultings vision är att bli Sveriges mest uppskattade Talent Management-konsulter. Vi på Stardust Consulting hjälper företag och organisationer att få till ett effektivt Talent Management. Med det menar vi hur man på ett strukturerat sätt attraherar, utvecklar och engagerar rätt medarbetare.

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