Hur kan vi hjälpa till?

How do you define Talent?


Most research within the area is from the sports world and some of the early adopters of a scientific approach to Talent identification were the former Eastern Bloc countries.

As an example, 80 % of the Bulgarian medalists in the Summer Olympics in 1976 were a result of an extremely accurate and scientific Talent identification process. Similar results were achieved by Romania and the former East Germany, while we in the West relied on a more natural selection of our Talents. With poor results compared to the others.

But, despite medalists (and a portion of doping) the 10,000 dollar question remains; is there an optimal way to identify and develop Talent?
Three conditions might give us some guidance:

First, the Talents need to have the right genetic conditions – some will develop and learn faster than others, which do not mean that anyone who takes a little more time will not be the best in the end.

Secondly, Talents need be exposed to different types of creative environments in order to find “their thing”. They need to try on different tasks and be challenged. Job rotation.

Thirdly, to develop Talent, people need to be encouraged, be seen, confirmed and coached by good leaders.

Conclusion: Companies investing in Talent Management need to understand these factors that contributes to Talent development  and consequently make Talent reviews at various times and in different forms and places. The responsibility to identify and develop Talent lies with the line managers.

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